Upcoming Sidewalk Maintenance Project

East side residents may have noticed pink paint dots on sidewalks. These relate to an upcoming sidewalk maintenance project slated for 2019. The City Engineer has been surveying sidewalks on the east side to identify defective flags that will be replaced by the City at public cost.

Defective sidewalk flags on the west side are planned to be replaced in 2020.

Our intent is to work with the contractor to extend the bid pricing and accept additional work at the homeowner’s cost if a resident wants to replace additional sidewalk flags. If the contractor is willing to extend their bid pricing for additional work we will notify residents in the spring of 2019.

More information about this project is available on the Maintenance and Improvement Projects page (accessible on the navigation menu under the “Community” tab), and also on the Public Works page (accessible on the navigation menu under the “Departments” tab).

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