Summer Drop-In Program and Travel Camp


About the Summer Drop-In Program

Our summer camp is a “drop-In program” which means that we are not a licensed child care or day camp provider in the State of Michigan. We are a program that plans, supervises and organizes activities for youth ages 7-15. What sets us apart is that we require a willing participant. If a child does not want to participate or be present, they have the option of going home. We still supervise and monitor the check in and check out procedure, but we do not assume day care provider responsibilities. Being a drop in program by no means lowers the standard of our program. Our staff is trained, experienced and qualified. We work very hard to plan and organize a variety of games, crafts, contests, events and field trips to make our program fun and desirable. Every week, there is a detailed schedule and newsletter that outlines our weeks’ activities and is sent out to parents via email.


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