Building Department

Permit Information

The Building Department issues permits for building construction, plumbing, heating, mechanical and electrical work.  The fee for Building Permits is based on the value of the work.  For example, a project with an estimated value of $1,000.00 will require a building permit fee of $75.00, which is the minimum fee.  Other trade permits are based on the type and quantity of work, not on the value of the work.  Refer to the permit applications for specific fee schedules, or contact City Hall at 248-541-2901 for more information.

Permit applications & fee schedules are accessible in the menu to the right.

Building Department Topics

New construction, substantial additions to existing structures, and certain maintenance activities must comply with the City’s Exterior Design Standards. Nearly the entire City of Pleasant Ridge is a federally designated historic district, and the design standards were adopted by the Planning and City Commissions in order to maintain the historic character of the City. The design standards do not require a particular style of architecture, and both traditional and contemporary styles are permitted. The design standards do include requirements and guidelines to ensure that new construction is compatible with the established historic character of the City. Homeowners, builders, architects, and designers should review the standards before applying for permits.

Specific guidance for exterior siding materials and eave details are available in the linked document. Maintenance and new construction activities must comply with the standards in those documents.

Homeowners and Contractors – DO NOT unload dirt, gravel, bricks or any other building material in the street, driveway apron or berme between the sidewalk and the curb.  If material is deposited in the street, the police will contact the homeowner/contractor to immediately remove the material.  If the material is not removed within two hours, the City may have the material removed by a private contractor at the homeowner’s expense.

Building material, including dirt, gravel, bricks, etc., MUST BE UNLOADED AND STORED ON THE HOMEOWNER’S PROPERTY.

The City has a code enforcement officer who does proactive code enforcement in addition to responding to complaints. The purpose of code enforcement is to ensure that properties in the City are maintained in a safe manner, and to ensure that all properties are maintained in a neat and orderly fashion.

If you have received a notice from the code enforcement officer, please be aware that the sections referenced in his letter are to the Pleasant Ridge City CodeMichigan Residential Building Code or the International Property Maintenance Code.

The City of Pleasant Ridge requires that all rental properties be registered with the City and that the owners of rental property obtain a landlord license. Obtaining a landlord license requires an inspection by the building official, and upon certification that the property complies with all building and housing codes, the building official will issue a landlord license which is valid for a period of 2 years.

The City’s landlord licensing requirements apply to both long and short term rentals. Residential properties which are offered for lease through services such as AirBnB are subject to the landlord licensing requirement.

The landlord license application form and supplemental information is available in the permit applications and documents section, above.