General Information

  • Absentee Voter Application
    Registered voters with a Michigan ID can request an absentee ballot online at the Michigan Secretary of State website.

    You can also use your absentee ballot application to be added to the NEW permanent ballot list, and a ballot will automatically mailed to you for every election.

    Learn more about new absentee voting options by visiting the Michigan Voter Information Center.

  • Sample Ballots
  • Election Notices
    Updated election notices are provided here when available.
    • Notice of Election – November 7, 2023 General Election
    • Public Notice – Public Accuracy Test for the November 7, 2023 Election
    • Notice of Registration – November 7, 2023 Election
  • Voting Precincts
    The City of Pleasant Ridge has one election precinct encompassing the entire City. All residents vote at the Community Center, located at 4 Ridge Road.
For more election related FAQs and information, please visit Michigan Department of State.

Elections Topics

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