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Department of Public Works Coordinator: Tim Schultz

Phone: (248) 541-2901

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Loose Brush Pickup April 2020

There is no loose brush pickup this month. Brilar, the City’s DPW contractor is shut down and not working due to the shelter in place order. You can bundle the brush and place it out for pickup on Monday with compost, or wait until May to place it out for third Tuesday loose brush pickup.

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Public Works Topics

The DPW Coordinator manages and conducts the City’s public works functions, including providing day-to-day public works services in the City and managing contractual relationships to fulfill the City’s public works function.

The City contracts with a range of private entities and other municipalities to deliver DPW services. General grounds maintenance, landscaping, snow plowing and winter maintenance, and leaf pickup services are provided by Brilar. Water and sewer maintenance is provided by the City of Royal Oak. Tree maintenance services are provided by Davey.

Pleasant Ridge is a member of SOCRRA, which provides garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup for southeast Oakland County communities.  SOCRRA contracts with garbage haulers to provide pickup to member communities. Tringali is the garbage hauler for Pleasant Ridge.

Residents can contact SOCRRA directly with questions about garbage pickup, or to report any issues with garbage or recycling pickup.

SOCRRA can be reached at on the internet, or by phone at (248) 288-5150.

Garbage Collection Dates

Garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup is on Monday of each week. When a major holiday falls on a Monday, the garbage pickup day is moved to Tuesday.

Click Here for the Garbage Pickup Schedule

All garbage must be securely wrapped and placed in approved garbage receptacles not exceeding thirty five (35) gallon size, or in the large Tringali containers which are available for purchase from SOCRRA.  Containers must be placed in the berme area, at the curb, in front of your house between 6:00 p.m. the day before pick-up and 7:00 a.m. the day of collection.  Please do not place containers in the street.  Containers must be removed from the street and stored in the rear yard within 12 hours after garbage pickup occurs (note that our website used to say 24 hours after pickup occurs, while City Code sets 12 hours as the deadline – we used to provide additional time but this was abused by some residents so we now enforce the 12 hours set by Code).

Appliances such as washers, dryers, hot water tanks and furniture must be placed near the curb before 7:00 a.m. the day of collection. Appliance doors must be removed before placing outside.

Recycling Information

Pleasant Ridge now has single-stream recycling. For detailed information about what you can and cannot recycle, refer to SOCRRA’s website.

If you need a new recycling cart, please contact City Hall.  Pricing and options for the new carts are still being determined.

Bagged Yard Waste

Yard waste pickup begins on the first Monday in April and the final pickup is on the third Monday in December.

Only soft yard waste such as grass, leaves, flowers, weeds, potting soil and garden vegetables/fruit will be collected. Yard waste may be placed in no larger than 35-gallon capacity garbage can with an appropriate “compost” sticker on it, or it may be placed in a (30) gallon kraft paper bag. Sticks, twigs, brush or branches will not be collected as yard waste. Plastic garbage bags are NOT acceptable for the collection of yard waste.

Bundled Brush

Bundled brush will be picked up on Monday during yard waste pickup season as long as it meets the following standards for pickup:

Brush, slim tree branches, bush branches with needles or thorns such as rose bushes, shrubs, vines and hedge-type bushes will be picked up as long as they are:

One inch (1″) or less in diameter,
Cut into four-foot (4′) or less lengths,
Tied and bundled,
Weigh less than sixty (60) pounds.
Bundled brush that does not meet the above requirements will not be picked up.

SOCRRA will accept drop-off yard waste or bundled branches from residents at any time of the year (including the mid-December thru mid-April “off season”). The City does NOT collect compost, yard waste or bundled branches during the off-season. For information about how to drop off yard waste yourself at SOCRRA, call SOCRRA at (248) 288-5150.

Loose Brush Pickup

Larger branches, 1″ to 4″ in diameter, will be collected by the City on the third Tuesday of each month. Branches 1″ to 4″ in diameter and between 4 feet and 10 feet in length must be placed at resident’s curb with butt ends facing the direction vehicles travel. Branches larger than 4″ diameter, or logs, must be cut into no more than four-foot (4′) lengths and placed at the street curb. Tree stumps must be removed from the tree, free of dirt and roots, and placed at the curb.

If a contractor or homeowner cuts down a tree, the contractor or homeowner must make arrangements to remove the debris from the property. IT WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Should you have any questions on loose brush pickup, please contact City Hall at 248-541-2901.

Fall Leaf Pickup

The City uses a zone system for leaf pickup. There are 5 zones, and leaves are scheduled to be collected from each zone at least 3 times. Certain zones are scheduled for pickup each week during leaf collection season. If all leaves are picked up from the scheduled zones before the end of the week, our contractor may move on to pick up leaves from other zones in the City. Don’t worry that you will miss a leaf pickup if that happens – the contractors will be back the next week to pick up the scheduled zones.

Updates are provided on the website throughout leaf pickup season because it is very likely that fall weather will intervene and require adjustments to the schedule at some point during the season. Check the homepage for schedule updates during leaf pickup season.


Zone 1: Maplefield, Oakdale, Woodside Park, Kenberton, Millington, Poplar Park

Zone 2: Kensington, Devonshire, Wellesley, Amherst, Indiana (N of Amherst)

Zone 3: Elm Park, Norwich, Oakland Park, Hanover

Zone 4: Maywood, Sylvan, Fairwood, Woodward Heights, Bermuda, Indiana (S of Amherst)

Zone 5: Oxford, Cambridge, Ridge


Last Week of October: Zones 1, 2 & 3

First Week of November: Zones 4 & 5

Second Week of November: Zones 1, 2 & 3

Third Week of November: Zones 4 & 5

Fourth Week of November: Final pickup for all zones, starting with Zone 1. Once each street is complete the contractor will not come back to pick up any additional leaves placed in the street.

Bagged Leaf Pickup

Residents may place leaves at the curb in compost bags for pickup on garbage collection days throughout the yard waste collection period. The last day for bagged leaf pickup is usually the second Monday of December.

The City delivers salt to residents on the third Tuesday of the month from November through April. Residents may place up to a 5-gallon bucket at the foot of their driveway and the City will fill it. Please do not place buckets out on Monday, because there is a good chance that the bucket will be taken with garbage/recycling pickup.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. However, the City does periodically do sidewalk improvement projects where we replace defective flags at public cost.

The City also offers a cost-share program for replacement of defective sidewalk flags by a property owner. The City will contribute $75 towards the replacement of a defective sidewalk flag that meets our criteria for replacement, which are as follows:

  • Raised or heaved sidewalk: 3/4″ or more at a joint or crack
  • Cracks: One crack at 1/2″ or greater width, or 2 or more cracks
  • Cross slope: 3/4″ per foot
  • Spoiled/Spalled: 25% or more
  • Dip: Judgement generally, but replace if water collects

This is a reimbursement program, so if you are considering replacing defective sidewalk flags you must contact City Hall before you complete the work. We will inspect the site and identify how many flags meet the criteria for replacement before the work is done. Once those flags are replaced we will reimburse you for our agreed-upon share. Please note that we reimburse the property owner directly for the City’s share, so you will have to pay your contractor for the entire cost of the job.

The City has a combined sanitary and storm sewer system. This means that sewage and stormwater flow into the same pipe underground. When Pleasant Ridge was developed in the 1910s and 20s, this system flowed out to waterways during rain events. This meant that raw sewage was being discharged to natural waterways.

In recent decades new environmental standards have required the Oakland County Drain Commissioner to implement a number of infrastructure improvements to reduce, and ideally eliminate, combined sewage overflow events.  The most significant of these is the George W. Kuhn facility.

Locally, Pleasant Ridge was required by court order to install the restricted sewer inlet covers on our streets. These restricted inlets slow the rate at which stormwater can enter the sewer system. This causes our streets to be used as short-term detention during storm events. Sometimes the restricted inlet covers become clogged, preventing the water from entering the drains.

While it is an inconvenience to have water pooling in the streets, it helps prevent the local and regional sewer system from being overwhelmed and causing sewage overflows into water bodies.

Street sweeping is contracted out by the City. Streets are swept once a month on or shortly after the second Monday. Residents are encouraged to keep cars off the street on the second Monday of the month, until your street is swept. Additional sweepings are scheduled in the spring as needed.

Pleasant Ridge is defined by the leafy character of our streets. We have over 2,400 street and park trees on public property that the City maintains. In the past 5 years, the City has planted over 200 new street trees to maintain our tree canopy over time.

Street Tree Plantings

The City’s Street Tree Manual is the guide for tree plantings in public rights of way. The City does street tree plantings each spring. In recent years, the City has planted trees on one or two streets that are the most in need of additional street trees at the City’s cost. 

Residents can also participate in a cooperative tree purchasing program to have a street tree planted in front of their house. The cost to the resident to have a 2″ caliper tree planted is $125. The cooperative street tree purchase application form is updated in the fall of each year. Trees purchased through the cooperative program will be provided and planted by the City, and the tree to be planted will be what is called for in the Street Tree Manual.

Residents who want to plant a different tree than is identified for their street for in the street tree manual may do so on their own, and at their own cost, as long as the tree is identified as an acceptable species in the street tree manual.

Street Tree Maintenance

Street trees are owned and maintained by the City. Please report any issues to City Hall and we will have our on-call arborist  investigate them.

Residents are not allowed to remove street trees without prior permission from the City. We will allow street trees to be removed when they are diseased or damaged. We do not allow healthy trees to be removed unless there are extraordinary extenuating circumstances.

Residents may conduct trimming or other maintenance work on a City street tree with our prior permission. Please contact City Hall to discuss any maintenance work you would like to do on a City street tree.

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