City Parks

Pleasant Ridge features a variety of parks with features for all ages.

Pleasant Ridge Park Map

Gainsboro Park

Gainsboro Park is the City’s flagship park. Reconstructed in 2016, the park features:

  • Baseball diamond
  • Soccer fields
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis courts
  • Patio gathering space
  • Shelter/bathroom building
  • Playgrounds (2-5 and 5-12 year old)
  • Walking paths
  • Open recreation space
  • Community garden
  • Dog park

Community Center Park

The Community Center Park is located behind the community center, and is accessible from the community center parking lot or from a walkway on Woodside Park just to the west of the pool. Redone in 2017, the park features:

  • Outdoor patio gathering space 
  • 5-12 year old play structure
  • Volleyball court
  • Open recreation space

The park no longer features swings because the safety zone for the swings would require them to be located in the open recreation area. The open recreation area is needed for summer camp activities and other events. Unfortunately, this meant that we could not include swings in the park when it was redone.

Gainsboro Park/Pool Pavilion Rental Information

The new Gainsboro Park outdoor pavilion will be rentable weekends from April-October.  Pool Pavilion will be rentable weekends during pool season.  See rules and rental link for additional information.  Pavilions are only rentable by residents.

Gainsboro Park/Pool Pavilion Rental Contract and Rules

Fireplace Rental Contract and Rules

Hessel Park

Hessel Park is maintained as open recreation space.

Woodward Greenbelt Parks

The Woodward Greenbelt parks are a series of linear parks along the west side of Woodward. The parks include walkways, and serve as passive recreation space as well as the location for community events such as the Memorial Day ceremony. The Pleasant Ridge Garden Club maintains significant portions of Memorial and Stevenson Parks.

Ferndale Lower Elementary Parks

The playground parks at Ferndale Lower Elementary are owned and maintained by the Ferndale School District, but are available for use by Pleasant Ridge residents on evenings and weekends when school is not in session. The playground along Ridge Road was recently constructed with financial assistance from the Pleasant Ridge Foundation.

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