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Woodward Streetscape Project Update

Work on the Northbound Woodward streetscape project between Sylvan and 696 is scheduled to resume on Monday, April 29. Phase 1 will include completion of the streetscape improvements on Woodward from Sylvan to 696. The right lane on Woodward and Main Street will be closed while the contractor completes the remaining streetscaping and landscaping work.

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Woodward Project Update

The construction season is wrapping up and construction on Woodward will be finished for the year by Friday, December 22. The project is not yet complete, and work will resume in the spring. Here’s an update on where things stand: Construction on Travel Lanes. All lanes of traffic will be open over the winter. Nearly

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September 20, 2023 – Woodward Streetscape Update

We’re sad to have to cut down these five trees along Woodward between Wellesley and Devonshire, but our expert arborist advised us that they are too damaged from recent construction to preserve. Too much of the root structure has been compromised. We know this is a tough decision. We care deeply about maintaining the health and

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Northbound Woodward Streetscape Construction Update – June 20

Construction of the Woodward streetscape and cycle track will start during the week of June 26, 2023. For more information about the project, including renderings of what the streetscape will look like when completed, please refer to the project webpage at: www.cityofpleasantridge.org/Woodward You can also sign up for email project updates at this link. Here

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Woodward Construction Update – May 4

Construction in Pleasant Ridge and FerndaleMDOT is preparing to switch from double left lane closures to double right lane closures on Woodward from I-696 to 8 Mile starting Wednesday, May 10 through the end of June. This work will also result in the temporary closure of SMART bus stops on southbound Woodward at Millington, Elm

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Project Information

There are two projects that will be completed on Woodward in 2023:

  • Pleasant Ridge Streetscape and Cycle Track Project: The streetscape will be refreshed along northbound Woodward in Pleasant Ridge and a two-way cycle track will be constructed from Sylvan to 696 along Woodward and Main St. This project is being funded by over $1.3 million in grant funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) administered by SEMCOG for MDOT, with the local match being provided by the Pleasant Ridge DDA using captured property tax revenue. No general fund money, local property tax funding, or local street money will be used to fund this project. 
  • Ferndale Lane Reduction. Pleasant Ridge and Ferndale were jointly awarded over $2 million in TAP grant funding from the State for non-motorized improvements to Woodward. The project will narrow Woodward from 4 to 3 lanes in each direction in Ferndale, and add two-way cycle tracks on both sides of Woodward in most of Ferndale and a portion of southbound Woodward in Pleasant Ridge. This project will create continuous separated bicycle infrastructure from 8 Mile to 696. Pleasant Ridge has a small portion of this overall project. Our local match amount is estimated to be $140,000, which will be provided by our major streets fund. No general fund or local property tax money will be used to fund this project.

Click here for preliminary plans for the road diet in Ferndale and a portion of southbound Woodward in Pleasant Ridge

Click here for an overview presentation on the two projects

Click here for the traffic analysis supporting both projects 

Pleasant Ridge Streetscape and Cycle Track Project

The streetscape and cycle track project on the northbound side of Woodward will:

  • Add a new two-way cycle track from Sylvan to 696 along Woodward and Main Street. The cycle track will be at sidewalk level, and it will be separated from Woodward traffic by trees and parking spaces. South of Sylvan the bicycle route will shift to the alley until the new cycle track starts in Ferndale south of Oakridge.

  • Replace a significant amount of the old paver bricks with new green planting areas. These green areas will be more attractive, and will also help capture rainwater.

  • Result in a net increase of 13 trees along Woodward. Unfortunately, 11 trees will have to be cut down to make way for the cycle track, mostly between Sylvan and Amherst, but 24 new trees are being planted to more than replace what will be lost. There are 41 existing trees now, and after the project there will be a total of 54 trees along the northbound side of Woodward in Pleasant Ridge. The new trees will be smaller than the ones we lose, but we will be able to preserve most of the existing trees while investing in our tree canopy for the future.
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