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Water Infrastructure Millage Fact Sheets

Water rates increased 35% starting July 1, 2021 in order to fund the water infrastructure project.

The City Commission has placed a request for a 3.5 mill property tax on the November 2, 2021 election ballot. If approved, the property tax millage will generate the revenue necessary to complete the water infrastructure project, and water rates will return to their previous levels.

Water Infrastructure Millage Executive Summary

Water Infrastructure Project Details – includes detailed information about upcoming water infrastructure projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Town Hall Video and Presentation

The City hosted a town hall meeting to present our water infrastructure plan, funding options (water rates or property tax millage), and to answer resident questions on April 20.

Town Hall Meeting Video (April 20, 2021)

Town Hall Meeting Presentation (April 20, 2021)Includes details on why the City must do this project, what projects are planned, and the cost of the project, and funding options to pay for the project.

Water Infrastructure Background Documents

Water Infrastructure Project – Engineer’s Probable Estimate of CostsThe estimate of costs provides the baseline for the City’s Asset Management Plan and our budget and rate setting decisions.

Pleasant Ridge Water Asset Management Plan – This document presents the City’s 30-year plan to replace our water infrastructure. The plan was approved by EGLE.

Water Quality Testing ResultsSampled lead levels in water for all public water systems in the State are available at the above link. The allowed maximum limit for lead in water is 15 parts per billion. Pleasant Ridge had a sampled lead level of 4 parts per billion in 2020, well below the maximum allowed.

Preliminary Water System Materials Inventory by Service Address – The preliminary material inventory shows the information the City has about the service line at each service address in the City. This inventory is based on City records and assumptions about the type of material used before and after 1936.

Utility Bill Fact Sheet

Click Here for information about the components of your utility bill (water, sewer & garbage pickup).

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