Traffic Calming


Traffic speed and volume is a recurring topic of discussion. We continually evaluate our streets to ensure that vehicle traffic is moving at a safe speed and that drivers are operating their vehicles conscientiously. While there is not a notable safety issue on any of our local streets, improvements can always be made to slow down traffic and to promote bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Towards that end, the City has been and continues to implement traffic calming methods on Ridge and Woodward Heights, as these are our primary local connector streets and carry the highest volume of traffic.

Residents on other streets in the City can petition the City to begin a traffic calming process on their street or block.

Traffic Calming Manual

The traffic calming manual provides background information on street design, traffic calming practices, specific traffic calming elements that can be used in Pleasant Ridge, and a detailed description of the process by which residents can petition the City to begin a traffic calming process on your street or block.

Click Here for the Pleasant Ridge Traffic Calming Manual

Supporting Documents

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