Maintenance and Improvement Project Information

The City has a number of maintenance and improvement projects in various stages of planning and implementation at any given time. This page will provide information on the status of notable maintenance and improvement projects that are planned or ongoing in the City.

Woodward/Oakland Park Intersection Pedestrian Improvements

Projected completion date: Summer 2019

Pleasant Ridge has been working with MDOT to implement changes to the west side of Woodward to improve the pedestrian crossing at Oakland Park/Sylvan. The project will add corner bumpouts to shorten the crossing time across Woodward, and to change the geometry to make pedestrians more visible and safe when crossing the street. The dedicated right turn lane from Woodward to Oakland Park will be eliminated. Instead, vehicles turning onto Oakland Park will do so from the right travel lane, as is the case on northbound Woodward for the turn onto Sylvan. Residents should be advised that these improvements will improve pedestrian safety and comfort when crossing Woodward, but most pedestrians will still not be able to cross all of Woodward in one light cycle.

This project will be completed by MDOT as part of a signals and crosswalks project they are doing along Woodward from Pleasant Ridge to Birmingham. A concept plan for the improvements is shown below.

Sidewalk Replacement

Estimated project date: Summer 2019

The City will begin a sidewalk replacement project in the summer of 2019. Our intent is to replace all defective sidewalk flags on the east side of the City in 2019, and to do the west side of the City in 2020. The east side is being targeted first because the east side streets generally have more defective flags per street than the west side.

Consumers energy will be doing a gas line replacement project in the spring of 2019 which will require the removal of some sidewalk flags. Our plan is to complete our sidewalk project after the Consumers project is completed.

Residents may notice paint dots on the sidewalks this fall. These will be marks made by the engineers who are surveying our sidewalks to identify ones to be replaced at the City’s cost. We will work with the contractor to give residents the opportunity to replace other sidewalk flags at the resident’s cost when the project is done next year.

In the meantime, if a resident wants to coordinate sidewalk replacement on their own, the City will contribute $75 towards the replacement of a defective sidewalk flag that meets our criteria for replacement, which are as follows:

  • Raised or heaved sidewalk: 3/4″ or more at a joint or crack
  • Cracks: One crack at 1/2″ or greater width, or 2 or more cracks
  • Cross slope: 3/4″ per foot
  • Spoiled/Spalled: 25% or more
  • Dip: Judgement generally, but replace if water collects

Parks Maintenance Items

  • The Gainsboro shade sail is damaged and will be replaced. There is not yet a definite time frame for this, but we are working with the installer to get a price to replace the sail. 
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