Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Volunteer Hub

During this extraordinary time we may have residents who need help completing tasks that they are unable to due to the virus. This page is a resource for Pleasant Ridge residents who need help, and neighbors who want to help.

If you need help with things like shopping or pharmacy pick-ups, pet care, yard work, or anything else you can let us know by calling, emailing, or filling out the help form below. We will post opportunities to help on this page. If you want to help with a task you can call or email Shawnie or Greg and we will verify your identity and connect you with the person in need.

Please note that the City is serving as a matchmaker to help connect residents in need with those who need help. We cannot guarantee that volunteers will be available or the time frame in which the task will be completed.

Request Help

If you need help personally or are looking to organize a neighborhood project you can request help online, by phone, or by email:

We will respect your privacy and not publish your name or contact information if you prefer to remain anonymous. We will only provide your contact information to whomever volunteers to help.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • 3/3-  Leaf Pick-up
  • 3/4-  Transportation to a doctor’s appointment
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