Woodward Heights Test Projects

The City installed traffic calming test projects on Woodward Heights today. The tests will be in place for about 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that the point of the test projects is to add friction for drivers, causing them to pay attention and go slow. If you are driving, it may be uncomfortable to drive through the test project areas. This is by design.

We collected pre-test traffic speed and volume data last month. We will collect additional traffic data at the end of July to evaluate how driver behavior adjusts in response to the test projects. We are waiting for about two weeks to collect new data to give drivers time to adjust to the new layout.

At the end of the test period we will launch a resident survey to collect your input on the tests. Woodward Heights residents will receive mailed notice of the survey, while all other residents will be notified via the website and our social channels.

After we collect the data and feedback the City will consider making some, all, or none of the test projects permanent.

More information about the specific tests can be found at this link. You can also refer to this link for information about the City’s traffic calming program.

A few notes about the specific locations:

Location 1 – at the Woodward Alley: This is a pinch point to narrow the street and cause drivers to slow down. It also signals that you are entering a residential area.

Location 2 – Indiana Intersection. Corner bumpouts narrow the street and shorten the pedestrian crossing distance.

Location 3 – Bermuda Intersection. Corner bumpouts narrow the street and shorten the pedestrian crossing distance.

We are also testing the removal of the stop signs on Woodward Heights. The stop signs do not meet warrants as there is little traffic on Bermuda, and these stop signs are often ignored by drivers. This can create an unsafe situation for pedestrians and drivers on Bermuda who expect drivers on Woodward Heights to stop, when they do not always do so.

We will be watching this intersection and will evaluate whether to make the stop sign removal permanent at the end of the test.

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