Woodward Heights Test Projects

September 9 Update: The survey is closed and the test project period is over. The City Commission decided at their September 8 meeting to make the gateway bump out at the Woodward alley permanent. This will be an infrastructure project and will happen in the future as opportunity arises. The City Commission also voted to restore the stop signs at Bermuda (N), and to remove the speed hump at Bermuda (S).

The City Commission will be reviewing the results of the resident survey and the traffic data collected before and during the tests and will consider whether we should pursue making any of the test projects permanent at their September 8 meeting.

A summary of the traffic data is available at this link. The highlights of the data include:

  • Traffic speed a the midpoint between Indiana and Bermuda was unchanged during the test – about 25 mph before and after the test. Removal of the stop signs at Bermuda did not lead to greater speeds.
  • The average speed at the Bermuda intersection was 23.5 mph.
  • Woodward Heights carried about 2,600 cars per day. This makes it the third busiest street in the City.
  • Woodward Heights has the slowest traffic speed of the “cut through” streets in Pleasant Ridge. Ridge, Oakland Park, Sylvan, Cambridge West, and Oxford have higher average speeds.
  • About 40 trucks per day use Woodward Heights. This is about twice as many as Ridge (about 25 per day) and Sylvan (about 20 per day), which carry the next highest volume of trucks.

More information about the specific tests can be found at this link. You can also refer to this link for information about the City’s traffic calming program.

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