Utility Bill Notice

You recently received a utility bill from us. After the bills were printed and delivered, we discovered that there are errors in the formatting of the bill. The amount due listed at the top of the bill is correct. We should have caught this issue before bills were re-printed and mailed. Please accept our apologies for the confusion.

The issue was caused by a contractor not providing the correct serial numbers for certain cellular meters that were installed in November. This created issues with processing the bills. Once we corrected that problem, we had to re-run all of the bills through the utility billing software. This caused a few things to happen:

  • The Previous Read shows the usage for this billing period that we read on November 1. Normally this field would show the usage that we read on September 1. When the bills were re-run, the software considered it a new billing cycle and moved the Current Read number up to the Previous Read number.
  • The Current Read and Usage in MCF fields show up as 0 because there was no new read completed.
  • The Current Amount Due at the bottom of the bill shows up as $0.00.
  • The amount due shown in Previous Balance is the correct amount due for this billing period.

We have verified that the number in the Please Pay This Amount field at the top of the bill is correct. We will not be sending out corrected bills to every house because we do not want to create more confusion or for any residents to accidentally pay this bill twice, but we want you to know what the issue is. If you would like a corrected bill that shows the proper previous and current read amounts, please contact us and we will happily provide that to you.

Examples of the original bill showing the correct calculations, and the re-run bill that is missing the calculations are below:

Original Bill With Correct Amounts Shown

Re-Printed Bills with Missing Information

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