Traffic Calming Program and Town Hall Meeting

We are working on a traffic calming manual for the City, and as part of that we will be holding a town hall meeting to discuss traffic issues in the City in general and the options that will be available to residents through the traffic calming program.

Traffic Calming Town Hall Information:

When: Tuesday, January 22 – 6:30 pm
Where: Community Center at 4 Ridge Road

The Town Hall meeting will begin with a presentation and discussion of the traffic calming program. This portion of the event is applicable to all Pleasant Ridge residents. Immediately following the conclusion of this portion, we will meet with Woodward Heights residents to review traffic calming measures the City can test on Woodward Heights next summer, with the intent to make some or all of the test projects permanent at a later date.

Traffic Calming Program Information

The City Commission will be reviewing the traffic calming manual for adoption later this year. At this time the manual is in draft form and the City is seeking resident input.

The draft of the traffic calming manual is available for review at this link. Comments or questions on the manual can be directed to, or to 248-541-4901 during City Hall business hours (ask for Jim).

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