Final Leaf Pickup Progress

The following list will be updated as streets are completed in each zone. Once each street is complete it is noted in bold font with the date of completion in parentheses after the street name.

Do not put leaves in the street after your street has been completed – they will not be picked up. We check each street to ensure that it has been completely cleared before we update the list below. We have noted that a few piles have already been placed out after a street was completed.

Zone 1

Kenberton (11/25)
Maplefield (11/26)
Millington (11/26)
Oakdale (11/26)
Poplar Park (11/26)
Woodside Park (11/25)

Zone 2

Amherst (11/29)
Devonshire (11/26)
Kensington (11/26)
Indiana (12/2)
Wellesley (11/27)

Zone 3

Elm Park Ave. (12/2)
Elm Park Blvd. (12/3)
Hanover (12/3)
Oakland Park (12/2)
Norwich (12/2)

Zone 4

Bermuda (12/11)
Fairwood (12/11)
Maywood (12/6)
Sylvan (12/11)
Woodward Heights (12/11)

Zone 5

Cambridge (east) (12/4)
Cambridge (west) (12/3)
Oxford (12/4)
Ridge (12/3)

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