Curbside Leaf Pickup

Curbside leaf pickup begins on Monday, October 30, starting with the west side of the City. Leaf pickup will alternate weekly between the west and east sides. Cambridge (east) and Woodward Heights will be picked up each week due to the large volume of leaves and traffic on those streets.

If all leaves are picked up from one side of the City early in the week, Brilar may move on and pick up some leaves from the other side of the City. Don’t worry if this happens, Brilar will be back the following week as scheduled.

When Can Leaves Be Placed Curbside?

Leaves can be placed in the street the weekend before your street will be picked up. Please do not store leaves in the street before then. For example, east side residents can start placing leaves in the street the weekend of November 4-5. Leaves should be kept in your yard until it is time for your side of the City to be picked up.

Fall Weather and Schedule Adjustments

Fall weather is unpredictable and almost always interrupts our schedule. Updates will be posted here, in this notice, if schedule adjustments are necessary.

Will Leaf Collection Be Extended?

No. As we get into December the risk of significant snowfall greatly increases. If leaves are still out on the street and it snows, we may not be able to pick up the leaves and will have to plow them back onto the lawn creating a mess. Based on experience from past years we will not extend the leaf pickup schedule. You can place leaves in yard waste bags for compost pickup on trash days until December 11.

Collection Dates

Week of October 30: West Side + Woodward Heights

Week of November 6: East Side + Cambridge East

Week of November 13: West Side + Woodward Heights

Week of November 20: East Side + Cambridge East

Week of November 27*: West Side + Woodward Heights

*Pickup will continue until all streets have been picked up, possibly extending into the following week if necessary. Once a street is picked up during the final collection, it will not be picked up again.

Leaf pickup is a major task, as we generate more leaves per capita than any other nearby community. We ask for your cooperation to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. The best thing you can do to help us is:

  • Ensure that ONLY leaves are placed at the curb. No other materials may be mixed in with the leaves as this can damage the equipment. Vines, old potted plants, flowers, brush, sticks, tree branches, pumpkins, etc. will damage the leaf pickup equipment and will impact our ability to efficiently pick up leaves. These other items may be placed in compost bags for pickup on Monday morning.

  • Do not park cars on the street during the day until the leaves on your street are picked up. Parked cars are a major impediment to efficient and complete leaf pickup.
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