Pleasant Ridge Arts Council

The new Pleasant Ridge Arts Council seeks civic-minded, art-loving individuals who want to support the community and bring positive change to Pleasant Ridge. The Pleasant Ridge Arts Council will be dedicated to enriching the culture of our City by providing civic, educational and creative experiences. As part of its mission, the Arts Council will:

  • Promote community involvement in the arts
  • Foster art education and appreciation
  • Build excellence in place, expand the public realm, and add value to the community
  • Create a canvas for local and regional artists and creative thinking, and
  • Enhance Pleasant Ridge as a place to live artfully.

The Arts Council will be an official body of the City with members appointed to staggered three year terms, with each member being able to serve for two terms. The Arts Council will work with the City Commission and staff to create and implement the City’s arts program. The City and the Pleasant Ridge Foundation have committed to provide seed funding to help establish the arts program. The City has dedicatead its marijuana excise tax revenue for this year to the Arts Council, and the Foundation will be donating funds raised at this year’s auction.

It is envisioned that the arts project will include both indoor and outdoor art, including all types, styles, and mediums of art. It is also envisioned that educational programming will be a part of the arts project for residents of all ages. The Arts Coucil will have the opportunity to take the City’s initial brainstorming ideas and determine how the arts program is implemented over time.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Arts Council, please apply online today at The City Commission will make appointments to the Arts Council in May or June of this year.

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