We have received a few reports of coyote sightings in the City. We have been in contact with Oakland County Animal Control and the DNR. Coyotes are highly adaptable and are found in every county in Michigan. 

For more information about Coyotes refer to the following resources from the DNR and Oakland County. You can also call the DNR at 517-284-9453.

Coyotes generally weigh between 20 and 40 pounds, and look like a small German shepherd, but with relatively longer legs. Given their size, Coyotes are usually timid in the presence of humans. Coyotes are common in urban areas, and Coyote pairs hold territories of about 2-5 square miles in urban areas, so Pleasant Ridge will only be a part of the range of any coyotes spotted here. Given their adaptable nature and ther large range it is not possible for us to prevent or eliminate coyotes from the City. New coyotes will show up to take over the territory of a killed or removed coyote pair, and coyote killing programs have proven ineffective in elminating them from urban areas. Managing coyotes by preventing them from becoming habituated to humans is the best way to handle these animals, which are a natural part of the landscape.

Coyotes almost never pose a threat to humans and most household pets. They are opportunistic omnivores that feed on small mammals such as rats, rabbits, cats, and some small dogs, but also will supplement their diet with food waste in garbage. To deter coyotes, keep all garbage in sealed containers, and consider removing bird feeders which attract not only birds, but small mammals and rodents which are coyote food sources. 

Do not feed coyotes, and do not approach them. Feeding coyotes will habituate them to humans and will reduce their natural shyness around people. Research indicates that most coyote-human incidents are caused by coyotes that have been fed or habituated to humans, altering the coyote’s natural behavior.

If you see a coyote you can usually scare it off by “hazing” it: yelling, clapping, or making other loud noises, or by throwing any kind of projectile such as sticks or small rocks at it. If coyotes are present, please consider monitoring small dogs when they are outside.

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