City-Wide Concrete Repair

The City’s annual concrete repair program will begins this week (the week of June 5). Hartwell Cement, the City’s contractor, will start in the northwest quadrant of the City and move south. This year we are doing street repairs and replacing deficient sidewalk flags. Every 4-5 years we evalute all of our sidewalks and identify sidewalk flags that meet our criteria for replacement, which are as follows:

  • Raised or heaved sidewalk: 3/4″ or more at a joint or crack
  • Cracks: One crack at 1/2″ or greater width, or 2 or more cracks
  • Cross slope: 3/4″ per foot
  • Spoiled/Spalled: 25% or more
  • Dip: Judgement generally, but replace if water collects
Driveway Access. Some residents may lose driveway access if sidewalks will be replaced through the drive, or if street repairs are being completed directly in front of a driveway. The City contractor will provide advance notice to any homeowner who will lose access to their driveway at least a day in advance.
Project Funding. All work is completed at public cost. Most Cities directly bill homeowners for the cost of sidewalk repairs in front of their house. Here, we pay for ongoing street and sidewalk repair program is provided through the infrastructure millage and State Act 51 road funding. This is partly because some streets had their entire sidewalk replaced at public cost when the street was replaced, while other streets did not.

Please refer to the following maps for locations where street and sidewalk repairs will be made.
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