Absentee Ballot Applications Available

Absentee ballot applications for the November 7, 2023 election are now available.  If you have previously registered to be on the permanent application list, an application has been mailed to you. If you have not yet received your application, it will be coming soon.

With recent election law changes in Michigan, you can now use your application to be added to the NEW Permanent Ballot List. If you check the box on the application to be added to the permanent ballot list, a ballot will be automatically mailed to you for every election in the future.* 

Registered voters with a Michigan ID can also request an absentee ballot online at: https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/AVApplication/Index 

Learn more about Michigan’s new voting rules and options at the Michigan Voter Information Center.

* Please note that Michigan has an open presidential primary system where voters can choose to vote in either party’s primary, regardless of your party affilication (or lack thereof). The Secretary of State has not yet issued guidance on how the permanent absentee ballot system will work for presidential primary elections given that there will be two ballots voters much choose from. We will share that information once we receive it from the state.

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