A Message From Mayor Bret Scott

November 20, 2023

As Mayor of our City, I’m thrilled to provide you with our new monthly communication, put in place to help keep everyone informed about all the developments in our community more frequently than you currently see in our Ridger newsletter. Following every regularly scheduled commission meeting, you’ll hear from me directly about the key items we discussed, decisions made, and where we’re headed as a City. And as needed, you’ll hear from City Hall, our police department, and our recreation department, too. But communications are most effective if it’s a two-way street. If you have any questions, want to discuss what’s going on, or learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, the Commissioners, or the City staff and get in touch.
Below is a recap from our November 14 commission meeting. The next regularly scheduled commission meeting will take place on December 12. I hope to see you there.

Mayor Scott

Congratulations to Commissioner Perry and Commissioner Budnick on Reelection

The swearing-in ceremony for Commissioners Perry and Commissioner Budnick will take place during our upcoming commission meeting on December 12. City Clerk Emsley has confirmed that the election was certified and in balance! 

Pleasant Ridge Fall Soccer Teams Are 2023 League Champions 

What an exciting season it has been for the Pleasant Ridge Fall Soccer teams! Congratulations to the U8 (Shah) and U10 (Presti) teams on becoming league champions and showing tremendous dedication on the field. And what a gracious gesture to be presented with an honorary jersey in for our Pleasant Ridge teams.  Seeing our community come together in excitement and admiration for our hometown teams is always heartwarming. Once again, congratulations to all PR fall soccer teams on a fantastic season!

2023 Pleasant Ridge Public Opinion and City Communications Survey

The City of Pleasant Ridge believes that understanding our community’s attitudes, concerns, and values is critical in fulfilling the responsibilities of government. We recently conducted a survey to gather feedback from residents. We invited all residents to participate in the survey, and each person in a household could respond once to the survey. By completing the survey, residents will help the City improve the delivery of government services, enhance its communication tools, and prioritize budget allocations based on what the residents value most. Kurt Metzger, former Mayor of Pleasant Ridge and data guru, presented the data from the survey. Key highlights include: 

  • 99 percent of residents are satisfied or very satisfied living in Pleasant Ridge
  • 98 percent of residents feel very safe or safe in the City
  • 42.5 percent of adult residents completed the survey
  • 40 percent of have lived in the City for more than 20 years
  • In 2016, only 23 percent of residents gave Gainsboro an ‘excellent’ rating. Since the park’s major redesign, 66 percent of respondents now give it an excellent rating
  • Resident interactions with our police department and Ferndale Fire Department had a 97 percent satisfaction rating, while Berkley Dispatch hit 93 percent satisfaction
  • Most parks and facilities received an ‘Excellent or Good’ rating of 90 percent and higher. Hessel Park, the Dog Park, and the Wellness/Fitness Center came in just a little lower with ‘Excellent or Good’ ratings at the Wellness/Fitness Center (86 percent), the Dog Park (80 percent) and Hessel Park (79 percent)
  • The Ridger is a go-to source for PR residents. The City website ranks second as an “up-to-date” source for current items of interest and “breaking stories”

The 2023 Pleasant Ridge Public Opinion and City Communications Survey results have provided valuable insights into our residents’ views and opinions. Additionally, the survey included helpful suggestions for the City across various areas. The complete results of the survey can be found here: https://cityofpleasantridge.org/community-survey-results/

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