Monday -Thursday
6:00am- 9:00pm

6:00am- 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday

Welcome to the Wellness Center!

The wellness center was a part of the pool renovation and community center expansion project in 2004.  This workout facility is for residents only and is available at no additional costs or membership fees.  The center is light and airy, home to modern and top of the line cardio equipment and weight machines.   We welcome you to come and tour the center and encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful Wellness Center! 

New for 2010 has been the addition of individual TV screens and controls at each cardio machine.   You simply need to bring a standard headphone set to enjoy this feature.


As a resident of Pleasant Ridge, you are automatically a member of the Wellness Center.  If you haven’t already registered and received a Pleasant Ridge Community Center membership card, you can do so upon any visit to the Community Center.  You must show proof of residency (driver’s license).  Each visit to the Wellness Center will require you to “sign in” at the front desk by swiping your membership card under the barcode scanner until you hear a beep.  The locker rooms and showers are available for use during your visit to the Wellness Center.  Please note that you must bring your own lock if you want to lock up your items while you work out. 

Wellness Center Visit

If you would like a general orientation to the Wellness Center, you can stop at the desk and ask for Scott or Erika.  We will be happy to give you a basic overview of the cardio and weight equipment to help you get started.

Wellness Center Machines

Rules & Etiquette
You must swipe your membership card
or sign in at the desk.
Only residents of pleasant Ridge (no guests allowed)
Must be 16 years or older
Shirt and shoes required at all times
No wet or snowy shoes (winter) or wet swim trunks (summer)
Wipe down machines after use
Remove free weights when done (Smith Machine)
If cardio machines are full, limit workout to 30 minutes
Leave towels in the towel bin
No cell phone conversations please

4 Treadmills

3 Ellipticals

1 Recumbent Elliptical

2 Recumbent Bikes

1 Upright bike

Multi Function Cable Machine

Smith Machine

Leg Curl/Extension

Leg Press

Bench Press

Lat pull down

Abdominal Machine

Pec/Delt Machine

Additionally, the facility has free weights, a sit up board, stretching mat, and balance balls