The City of Pleasant Ridge is known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets and active citizens who dedicate their time for the betterment of the community. Our long tradition of community pride is reflected in our beautiful parks along Woodward Avenue and our pristine neighborhoods. Many of the houses in Pleasant Ridge are part of a nationally-recognized historic district, and all the homes reflect the care and attention, which assures that Pleasant Ridge will remain a beautiful community for generations to come. A strong sense of community, dedication to historic preservation and ideal location makes Pleasant Ridge the perfect city for all ages, interests and lifestyles. 


Meetings, Agendas & Public Hearings

Below are links to proposed exterior design standards. These design standards would clarify the "neighborhood compatibility" requirement that is currently in the Zoning Ordinance. The standards would apply in the same instances as is currently the case, so this is not a new regulation, but rather a clarification of an existing one.

Design Standards PC Introduction

Draft Exterior Design Standards, Oct. 2015

The following Zoning Ordinance amendments have been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. The City Commission will hold a public hearing on these on Tuesday, February 9 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Ordinance 414 - PC Cover Memo

Ordinance 414 - Exterior Design, W, Use Table, Map

Ordinance 414 - Zoning Map

Dangerous Animals Ordinance Town Hall

Video of the meeting is available here.

Based on the discussion at the meeting, the Police will make enforcement of leash laws a higher priority and the City Commission will begin to develop an ordinance that would regulate dangerous and potentially dangerous animals in the City.

The City is not considering a breed-specific ban or bans. Any comments on this matter should be directed to the City Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meeting Agendas

City Commission, Second Tuesday of the month

Historical Commission,
First Wednesday of the month

 Planning Commission/DDA,
4th Monday of the Month

 Recreation Commission,
Last Wednesday of the Month




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Gainsboro Park Plan Info 

Garbage/Recycling Pickup Information

2015-2016 City Budget 

Zoning Ordinance

Utility Bill Fact Sheet

Street Tree Manual 

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 Phone Numbers for City Offices

Police:  248-541-2900 (available 24/7)

City Hall:  248-541-2901

Community Center: 248-541-2902