The City of Pleasant Ridge is known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets and active citizens who dedicate their time for the betterment of the community. Our long tradition of community pride is reflected in our beautiful parks along Woodward Avenue and our pristine neighborhoods. Many of the houses in Pleasant Ridge are part of a nationally-recognized historic district, and all the homes reflect the care and attention, which assures that Pleasant Ridge will remain a beautiful community for generations to come. A strong sense of community, dedication to historic preservation and ideal location makes Pleasant Ridge the perfect city for all ages, interests and lifestyles.


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Sidewalk Repair Program

The City has begun a sidewalk repair program. This will be a multi-year program to address deficient sidewalk throughout the City. The program will entail multiple steps:

  • The first step is to address trip hazards. The City will be replacing the sidewalk flags that are the most-heaved throughout the City this year. The majority of the flags to be replaced are on the east side of the City. Replacement is in progress on Maplefield (which had very bad sidewalks due to the large number of Silver Maples on the street), and will begin on the east side of the City in the next few weeks.
  • Sidewalk flags that have smaller heaves will be ground down to a level surface this year and in the coming years. The City has prioritized the order in which sidewalks will be ground down by street based on the number of heaves that exist. This year grinding will be done on Maplefield. Given that a large portion of this years' sidewalk budget is being spent replacing flags throughout town, we will likely only be able to do grinding on one street. The next streets to be addressed in future budget years, will be Cambridge (east), Hanover, Woodward Heights, Norwich, and Sylvan.
  • Once all of the heaved sidewalks which represent a trip hazard are addressed, the City will begin replacing sidewalk flags that are cracked or spalling. These kinds of deficient flags do not represent a safety hazard, and will be addressed in future years.


DTE Tree Trimming Information

The City has received word from DTE that they will soon be starting tree work within the City. We are told that the tree work will be limited to the west side of Woodward.

According to DTE, their process will be as follows:

  • Residents will receive a letter from DTE informing them of tree trimming work and the process by which it will be completed. The letter will include the information we are passing along here, and potentially other specific information.
  • DTE Planners wearing yellow DTE energy vests and carrying ID badges will visually inspect properties. If tree work is necessary on your property, the DTE planner is supposed to knock on your door and leave an information tag that will describe the work to be performed.
  • Tree slated for trimming will be marked with a white dot. Trees slated for removal will be marked with a red ribbon.
  • DTE representatives are supposed to discuss work with property owners prior to beginning work.
  • Once work is complete, DTE informs us that they will remove all branches, limbs, and other debris from your property unless you indicate that you would like for it to remain.

Residents should also be aware that DTE has a right-of-way easement surrounding their power lines, and that DTE has the legal right to conduct trimming or removal of vegetation within their easements. The Michigan Public Service Commission has also directed utility companies to expand efforts to "address trees that are outside of the ROW." This entails trimming or removing trees that are outside of DTE's legal right of way, and DTE states that they will only remove trees that are outside of their right of way if the property owner approves.

If trees on your property are marked with a red ribbon, we encourage you to work with DTE to verify if those trees are located inside or outside of their ROW so that you know what your rights are.

The City has limited ability to intervene, but we are willing to facilitate with DTE within our ability to do so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 248-541-2901.

Phone Numbers for City Offices

Police:  248-541-2900 (available 24/7)

City Hall:  248-541-2901

Community Center: 248-541-2902