Winter Weather Week

We are expecting severe winter weather this week. Monday is bringing snow, while the middle of the week will see very cold temperatures with potentially dangerous wind chill factors. Please consider the following information about City services during the winter weather this week:

  • Street Clearing. Brilar will be plowing streets as normal. However, salt starts to lose its effectiveness below 15 degrees F. With the very cold weather, Brilar will not be applying salt during the very cold spell as it will be ineffective. Please be cautious on City streets and sidewalks as they may be slipperier than you may be used to.
  • On-Street Parking. The City does not ticket cars parked on the street during snow events. We do ask that residents park cars in garages and driveways during snow events until the plows can complete a curb-to-curb clearance. By ordinance the City can declare a snow emergency and ticket cars. We prefer not to, so please be considerate of your neighbors and keep the streets clear during snow events. This is always somewhat of an issue, and if it becomes more of an issue we may have to consider ticketing cars parked on the street during snow events.
  • Public Sidewalk Clearing. Snow removal from City sidewalks may be delayed. The City always strives to clear all of our public sidewalks within 48 hours after a snow event. However, with the very cold temperatures Brilar’s sidewalk crews may not be able to keep to our normal schedule this week.
  • Private Sidewalk Clearing. By City ordinance, residents are required to clear their own sidewalks within 48 hours after the end of a snow event. Given the extreme cold, we will not be enforcing this. We encourage residents to clear their sidewalks once you feel comfortable doing so taking the weather into account.
  • Warming Center. 4 Ridge will serve as a warming center for any residents in need. 4 Ridge is open and available during business hours. Should events warrant, we will make arrangements to keep the building open overnight if the need arises.
  • Preventing Frozen Pipes. If you do lose power at your house, consider running a trickle of water through a faucet in your house. Keeping water moving through a faucet, even at a trickle or a drip, will help prevent frozen pipes until heat is restored in your home.
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