Water Meter Replacement Project

Residents should expect to receive a letter regarding replacement of your water meter from HydroCorp on behalf of the City late this week or early next week. The City has contracted with HydroCorp to handle the installation of the new water meters.

Residents will be able to schedule an appointment time for HydroCorp to come to your house and replace the water meter. This is routine maintenance. Water meters have an effective lifespan of about 20-25 years, and our meters were last replaced about 25 years ago.

HydroCorp has detailed COVID protocols to ensure that our residents and their installers are safe and protected. HydroCorp staff will also have City-issued identification badges when they arrive at your house to complete the installation.

The letter will have contact information if you have any questions about the process or about setting up your installation appointment. Please keep in mind that replacement of your water meter is not optional. You are required to provide access to the City or our contractors for meter replacement. Finally, there will be no direct or additional charge to you for the meter replacement – the project is being paid for by the City’s water rate.

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