Supplemental Loose Brush Pickup – February 27, 2023

Monday, February 27 Update: Loose Brush pickup will not begin today due to the winter weather forecast.

There will be a supplemental loose brush pickup the week of Monday, February 27 (weather permitting) due to the large number of tree limbs that are down due to the ice storm. If weather intervenes, Brilar will collect loose brush as soon as they can the week of February 27. 
Brush must be placed out at the curb by 8 am on Monday morning, we cannot guarantee that brush placed out after that time will be collected. If brush is placed out by the curb after your street has been collected, Brilar will not come back. If your brush is out at the curb by Monday morning it will get picked up, although it may take more than one day for Brilar to complete their collection. We do complete an inventory of all brush at the curb on Monday morning, so we will know what brush was out on time and needs to be collected.
To the best of your ability, keep branches smaller than 4 inches in diameter between 4 and 10 feet in length. Brush between 4 and 8 inches in diameter must be cut into not more than 4 foot lengths. Branches larger than 8 inches in diameter can not be picked up with loose brush.
Twigs and small debris is not appropriate for loose brush. That material should be placed in a yard compost bag and set out on Monday for yard waste pickup once that begins in April.
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