SOCWA Water Supply Notice

The South Oakland County Water Authority, of which the City is a member and which supplies our drinking water, will have to shut down the 48″ water main which supplies our drinking water. There is an issue with the main to the north in the City of Royal Oak. This is scheduled to occur on Tuesday, May 3.

There will be no interruption to the our water supply, but SOCWA will have to open an emergency connection to provide an alternate supply. This requires opening a number of valves, and may cause sediment, discolored water, and/or lower than normal water pressure for a period of time. The sediment and discoloration will resolve as the water system flushes itself, but we do not know now long that will take given that we will be using an emergency connection.

Residents are advised to monitor their water. If you experience sediment or discoloration in your water, you may wish to temporarily use filters or refrain from consumption or usage.

For further information or concerns, please contact SOCWA at 248-288-5150.

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